Classes and Training

If you would like to make an appointment for training call Owen Provencher at (603) 845-5514 or click here to contact him by email.

Camera Basics
In Camera Basics, you will be taught the basics of camera movement, shooting and sound technics, and how to compose a good shot.

How to Create a Show
You will be shown what it takes to create a show from coming up with a show idea and planning to finding a host and trained crew, to a finish program and how to get it seen.

Studio Production
Studio Production is an in-depth hands-on learning of studio cameras, lighting, audio, switching, directing and all aspects involved in putting together a studio production.

Editing will cover basic capturing, cutting, titling, and exporting using Adobe Elements.

Beyond the Basics
Beyond The Basics is an advanced camera workshop that will focus on manual shooting, composition, and handheld techniques.

We will look a look at indoor vs. outdoor light, how mood lighting is used, and lighting safety.

This workshop examines types of microphones used, which ones to use in a particular situation, and how to get the best sound on location or in a studio.

Advanced Editing
Advanced editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.