Recreation Department

Veterans’ Hall (Recreation Department) All programs at Veteran's Hall are suspended at this time. Visits to Veteran's Hall are limited to transacting business with Division staff.   Registrations may be completed on-line or by contacting the office at 432-6136.

Recreation Facilities –   Playgrounds are open with the exception of the Splash Pad which will remain closed for the summer. Tennis courts and basketball courts are open with social distancing guidelines.  Gallien's Beach is open as of June 15th.  Derry Rail Trail and Derry Conservation parcels are open for walking and other activities.  Please check the Department's homepage for a link to COVID-19 updates for Parks & RecreationPlease practice social distancing at all facilities, including the Rail Trail!  Failure to do so may result in further restrictions in order to safeguard public health.

Recreation Services – Please review on-line or call the Division at 603-432-6136. Questions regarding leagues (Derry Diamond Athletic Association, Derry Boys Lacrosse, Derry Girls Lacrosse, Derry Soccer Club) should be referred to the various league websites.