Town Business Services

Derry Municipal Center – Municipal buildings in Derry will reopen to the public on Monday, July 6, 2020.  All public buildings will continue to be cleaned each day and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout Town facilities for use by the public.  Please remember that COVID-19 is still in the community as facilities reopen; your cooperation maintaining social distancing and appropriate hygiene measures is appreciated.  Staff will be in the building to process customer requests; services may be accessed on-line, by phone, by drop boxes at the DMC or via the Drive-Thru window.  Please reserve use of the Drive-Thru for those services which cannot be completed on-line (e.g. new motor vehicle registrations). Drive-Thru service is available Mon-Fri. 7 AM – 5PM. 

We strongly urge all visitors to wear masks upon entering the building.   

The Drive-Thru remains busy throughout the day – please understand that the motor vehicle renewal process takes between 5-10 minutes per transaction.  Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the online options – there are transaction fees associated with online use.  

The following shall guide operations at the DMC:

  • The glass partitions in existence at the first-floor customer service counters have been augmented with sneeze guards in the transaction areas.
  • Social distancing and directional markers have been placed in the public areas outside of the Tax Collector, Town Clerk and Assessor Offices.
  • If you choose not to wear a mask, or are feeling unwell, please take advantage of the Drive-Thru or online services.

Please see the links to the various department/services for the most up to date information.

The deadline for payment of First Issue of the 2020 property tax levy is July 1, 2020.  To provide additional convenience to our residents, a separate collection area in the DMC parking lot will be in use for June 30 and July 1 where non-cash property tax transactions can be completed.  Staff from various departments will be in the parking lot to assist taxpayers.  Upon entering the rear of the parking lot from Pearl Street, please stay to the left for non-cash property tax transactions.  All other transactions will proceed in the right lane to the Drive-Thru.  All cash transactions must be processed at the Drive-Thru lane at the Municipal Center.

Drop Box location and reminder – Any transaction which can be completed via US Mail can be dropped off at the Municipal Center drop boxes located at the north entrance to the building and in the Drive-Thru Lane.  Please, no cash, and if any questions arise, please contact the Department appropriate to your transaction