Parks, Gym and Field Closure procedure

The following information is to clarify the cancellation procedure and process for Recreation Programs (DPR) and all leagues, athletic groups, school athletic groups, etc. For further information read below. If you require immediate assistance, please contact the recreation office at (603) 432-6136 during office hours, Monday- Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
The DPR and the Derry Athletic Groups work collaboratively to uphold a level of standards and expectations that are evaluated throughout the year to maintain the integrity of the facilities as well as the community-wide superlative athletic programming opportunities.  It's expected that the DPR and all leagues and individuals will exercise sound judgment in accordance with the agreed upon policies and expectations that are provided to leagues at the beginning of the year / season.
Minimum expectation include that if there's lightning, heavy rain, standing water, mucky infields, or spongy turf conditions- the fields are considered not playable and all games/practices must be canceled. All leagues, athletic groups, school athletic groups, etc. are aware of this policy and can cancel for any reason above or for any reason that is outlined in the policies and expectations including but not limited to safety concerns.
If cancellations occur and makeup games are required, a league president or designee must call the DPR at (603) 432-6136 to notify the DPR of the cancellation and/or request to makeup. During business hours the DPR will discuss with the league president or designee the best ways to accommodate modified schedules.
There are occasions where leagues will decide to cancel games or practices even when the department hasn’t made an official ruling. These cancellations are made at the discretion of the leagues. All school and athletic leagues are required to follow the adopted field and facility policies and procedures.
In the event a decision is made by the DPR to cancel or delay the start of recreation programs, the following will be adhered to:
  1. Recreation Department will do its best to notify the Instructors, coaches, sports league presidents typically by phone call and/or email
  2. Volunteer Coaches and league presidents/designee are to notify teams through email and/or phone calls
  3. A cancellation notice will be placed on the Recreation website whenever possible, however please contact your coach to confirm cancellations.
If a coach, instructor, or volunteer chooses to cancel their practice/game/event/class they must contact the specified program commissioner and the Recreation Office. Please see your designated coaching tools and handbook for further instruction on how to proceed. When in doubt, contact the Derry Parks and Recreation Department by clicking here during business hours M-F 9:00am-4:00pm
Parents and guardians are encouraged to use their own discretion whether to allow their child to participate under questionable weather-related conditions. When in doubt, sit it out.
Cancelations will be posted on the home page of the Recreation Website whenever possible for weekday and weeknight cancelations. Please note, when cancellations occur, many times the Parks & Recreation phone lines are bogged down. The best way to determine a cancellation is by checking the parks and recreation website and by checking your own personal voicemail and/or email around 4:00 pm for a notification of cancellation. Please make sure your voicemail box is empty and add the Derry Parks & Recreation Department contacts to your accepted recipients list in your email inbox.