Programs and Activities

Child Care and Foster Care Inspections

The Public Health Department conducts all Child Care and Foster Care routine, as well as complaint, inspections for the Town of Derry as required by the State of New Hampshire.

Food Service Establishment Inspections

The Town of Derry has approximately 150 Food Service Establishments. These include gas stations selling basic necessities, ice cream parlors, take-out and dine-in restaurants, supermarkets, child cares that serve food, nursing homes, and a hospital. The Public Health Department has written and implemented Department applications, guidance documents, protocols, and procedures for new and existing Food Service Establishments in Derry.

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Mosquito Control Program

The Public Health Department is responsible for a multi-faceted public education campaign to inform Derry residents of the importance of personal precautions, as well as the writing and submission of an annual Mosquito Control Plan to the NH Department of Health and Human Services.

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Residential and Commercial Inspections

The Public Health Department responds to reports/complaints of commercial health violations such as residents reporting illness due to ingesting food at a food service establishment. It also responds to fire/smoke damage in food establishments and conducts facilities inspections at schools and diagnostic laboratories.

The Department responds to residents’ reports/complaints of health issues at residential properties. Some of the issues we have responded to are: squalor conditions, insect and vermin infestations, inadequate heat or hot water in rental units, and nuisance complaints (trash or junk accumulating on private property).

Residents' Health Questions and Concerns

The Public Health Department responds to calls and visits from residents who have questions concerning health issues. Some of the topics are: Avian Flu; Pandemic Flu; EEE and dead bird handling; rabies and rabid animal handling; immunization schedules and clinics; food-borne illnesses; disease outbreaks; specific disease-related questions; and residential mold complaints.