Frequently Asked Questions

Yard Waste/Compost - please note: no paper, brown paper, or plastic bags are allowed in the compost pile.  Please empty your bags and place your compost in the pile. 

- Can I come with a Borrowed Vehicle?                - What is Waxed Cardboard?

- How can I dispose of Tires?                                 - Do you accept Computers, monitors, printers, etc?

- Where can I get a Recycle Bin?                           - How do I dispose of Smoke Detectors?

- Do you accept Shredded Paper?                         - What do I do with Hard Plastic?

- Do you recycle Plastic Bags?                               - Where do Vacuum Cleaners go?

- Do you accept used Hypodermic Needles?         - Where does Broken Glass go?

- Do you accept Major Appliances?                        - Where do Fluorescent Bulbs go?

- Lamp Disposal                                                        - Paint Tips Brochure

- Where can I get a Dump Permit?                           - Recyclable vs. Non-Recyclable

Residents may dispose of their Christmas Trees at the Transfer Station.  There is no fee.  All lights, ornaments, tinsel, and decorations must be completely removed from the tree.  See attendant for assistance.