Live Derry Town Meetings Now Available Online

OCOTBER 25, 2016 – Derry Community Television Channel 17, known for its reliable coverage of local government meetings and as a provider of media resources for the community of Derry, today announced that it has added to its arsenal in an effort to maximize the ability to continue the mission of DTV.

DTV has partnered with Livestream, an online streaming service provider, to launch a new 24/7 streaming channel on the Livestream platform.  The service includes the ability for viewers to watch Town Government and Board meetings as they happen from anywhere with an internet connection.

Watching official Town meetings live on this expanded platform can take place in any of the following ways:  via a desktop or mobile browser; the Livestream mobile app; Chromecast and via the Livestream Roku Channel. The simplest way for residents to access these options will be through the Town of Derry website. Viewers can watch meetings live as they happen as well as a collection of the most recent meetings. The live stream complements current on-demand and cablecast coverage and replays of Derry Town Government Convening.

“This is a key addition to our service offerings.” said Chris Martin, DTV’s Coordinator, “it broadens our outreach and increases access for the citizens of Derry to be informed and engaged in the civic process- something we’re very proud of.”  

To access the DTV Livestream channel, anyone can logon to to learn more.