Bids & RFPs

Bids must be original and are not accepted via email or fax.
Bids / ProposalsStatusDepartmentDue ByAwarded To
B24-106 Trenchless Sewer Pipeline RehabilitationOpenDPWApril 19, 2024 by 2pm 
B24-103 Fire Suppression System Inspection OpenDPWMarch 29, 2024 by 4pm 
B24-102 Combination Sewer Cleaner Vac TruckClosedDPWFebruary 27, 2024 by 2pmC.N. Wood Enviro LLC
B24-100 One new 600kW Diesel Kohler 3-Phase GeneratorClosedDPWFebruary 20, 2024 by 2pmGemini Electric
Sunset Avenue Culverts (2 Locations) Over Tributary G to Beaver BrookClosedDPWDecember 8, 2023 by 2pmBid Tabulation
Influent Pump Station Wet Pit ImprovementsClosedDPWDecember 7, 2023 by 2pmUnder Review
B23-116 DPW Classification & Compensation StudyClosedDPWOctober 6, 2023 by 4pmPaypoint HR, LLC. 
B23-114 Wheeled LoaderClosedDPWSeptember 8, 2023 by 4pmAlta Equipment
B23-115 Proposed Culvert Replacement Franklin St over Horne BrookClosedDPWAugust 4, 2023 by 2pmNortheast Earth Mechanics, LLC. Raw Results
B23-113 StripingClosedDPWJuly 7, 2023Industrial Traffic Lines, Inc. 
B23-112 Video Detection System for traffic signalClosedDPWJune 23, 2023Electric Light Company, Inc. (sole bidder)
B23-110 #2 Oil Heating DeliveriesClosedDPWJune 2, 2023 by 4pmHaffner's Energy North Group
B23-109 Catch Basin CleaningClosedDPWJune 16, 2023 by 4pmTriton Storm Water
B23-108 Street Sweeping - Request for QuotesClosedDPWJune 16, 2023 by 4pmContinental Paving
B23-107 Crushing of Aggregate @ LandfillClosedDPWJune 9, 2023 by 4pmSnook's Mobile Screening, LLC. 
B23-105 RFP Derry Transfer Station - Sprinkler System ImprovementsClosedDPWJune 9, 2023 by 4pmImpact Fire Services, LLC. 
Derry PD Uniform BidClosedDPDMay 26, 2023 by 12pm 
B23-106 Fireworks - 2023ClosedDPWMay 19, 2023 by 4pmAmerican Thunder Fireworks - Sole Bidder
B23-104 Sale of Surplus Equipment ClosedDPWMay 12, 2023 by 2pmVarious High Bidders
Derry PD Dry Cleaning BidClosedDPDMay 19, 2023 by 5pm 
B23-001 Alexander Carr Park Lodge RenovationsClosedDPWApril 14, 2023 by 4pmOne Stop Home Remodeling and Services
Hood Park Improvements - bid information may be picked up at the Town of Derry (second floor)ClosedDPWApril 14, 2023 by 4pmNo Bidders
Hood Pond RFQClosedDPWMarch 29, 2023 by 4pm 
RFQ Big Island Pond Watershed-Based Management Plan DevelopmentClosedDPWFebruary 15, 2023 by 4pm 
B22-015 Household Hazardous Waste CollectionClosedDPWJanuary 13, 2023 by 3pmMXI Environmental Services, LLC. 
Derry PD RFP - 2023 Interceptor Utility EquipmentClosedDPDDecember 2, 2022 by 3pmAdamson Industries
Derry PD RFP - 2023 Interceptor Utility Hybrid VehicleClosedDPDNovember 23, 2022 by 3pm 
Derry PD RFP - 2023 Interceptor Utility VehicleClosedDPDNovember 23, 2022 by 3pmMHQ
Derry PD RFP - Pistol UpgradeClosedDPDNovember 10, 2022 by 3pmWitmer
Derry Public Library - Ground Level Flooring ReplacementClosedDerry Public LibrarySeptember 30, 2022 by 4pmMessina's Flooring & Carpet
B22-013 FY 23 Heating Oil BidClosedDPWAugust 24, 2022 by 4pmPalmer Gas
B22-012 Engineering Services - Hood Park ImprovementsClosedDPWAugust 12, 2022 by 4pmTFMoran, Inc.  
Architectural Design Services for a New Fire HeadquartersClosedDFDAugust 15, 2022 by 2pmMitchell Associates/Wendel
DPD Uniform and Equipment BidClosedDPDJune 30, 2022 by 12pmNeptune Uniforms & Equipment, Inc.
B22-011 One 1985 Sreco HV-2000 TR, Blue MeanieClosedDPWJuly 8, 2022 by 4pmThomas Nixon
B22-010 StripingClosedDPWJune 17, 2022 by 4pmK-5 Corporation
B22-009 Catch Basin CleaningClosedDPWJune 17, 2022 by 4pmTriton Storm Water
B22-008 Street SweepingClosedDPWJune 17, 2022 by 4pmFB Hale
Construction of the Autumn Woods Arsenic Removal ProjectClosedDPW June 28, 2022 by 2pmLewis Builders Dev, Inc. DBA Hawsco
B22-006 Design & Installation of Field Lighting Retrofit (LED)ClosedDPWJune 24, 2022 by 4pmNot Awarded
B22-007 FireworksClosedDPWMay 20, 2022American Thunder Fireworks
Dry Cleaning Bid for Derry Police DepartmentClosedDPDMay 20, 2022 by 5pmProfessional Image
B22-005 Trailer Mounted Utility Hydro-Vac Excavator UnitClosedDPWApril 7, 2022 by 2pmUnder Review
B22-004 Trolley Car Lane Booster Pump Station Replacement 500 HP Variable Frequency DriveClosedDPWMarch 31, 2022 by 2pmUnder Review
B22-003 Two 50 Cu Yd Enclosed ContainersClosedDPWMarch 25, 2022 by 4pmWeber Auto & Truck Repairs
B22-002 Derry Public Library Attic HVAC Catwalks and Mezzanine AccessClosedDPWMarch 18, 2022 by 4pmUnder Review
B22-001 Walking Floor Trash Trailer RebidClosedDPWFebruary 18, 2022 by 4pmTravis Body & Trailer, Inc. 
West Running Brook Corridor Traffic Study ClosedPlanningFebruary 04, 2022 by 3pmHoyle, Tanner & Associates
West Running Brook Cooridory Traffic Study - Questions ClosedPlanningJanuary 28, 2022Posted
Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sights/Mounting KitsClosedDPDDecember 23, 2021 by 3pmPro Force Law Enforcement
B21-175 Boom Flail MowerClosedDPWDecember 10, 2021 by 2pmMilton Cat
Public Auction Tax Deeded Property - 148 Goodhue RoadOpenTaxDecember 17 at 4:00pmPending
Sale of Town-Owned Property 2021OpenTaxDecember 16, 2021 by 2pmPending
B21-174 Sale of Surplus Generators - 1973 CAT GeneratorClosedDPWNovember 5, 2021 by 4pmMike Therrien
                                                              1998 CAT GeneratorClosed DPWNovember 5, 2021 by 4pmJoseph Brooks
                                                              1990 Generac GeneratorClosed DPWNovember 5, 2021 by 4pmJoseph Brooks
B21-172 Wastewater Treatment Plant - Part I HVAC Renovations & Part II BoilerClosedDPWDecember 2, 2021 by 2pmUnder Review
B21-173 Transfer Skid-Steer Loader with Telescopic ArmClosedDPWOctober 29, 2021 by 4pmAlta Equipment
B21-171 Adams Memorial Building Stage ImprovementsClosedDPWOctober 8, 2021 by 4pmDanis Construction Co., Inc.
B21-170 Skate Park Design-BuildClosedDPWOctober 22, 2021 by 4pmDreamland Skateparks, LLC. 
B21-169 Arborvitaes InstallationClosedDPWSeptember 15, 2021 by 4pmCocuzzo Enterprises
B21-167 Real Estate Broker ServicesClosedDPWAugust 24, 2021 by 3pmPending
B21-165 Skid Steer LoaderClosedDPWAugust 27, 2021 by 4pmMB Tractor
B21-164 Compact ExcavatorClosedDPWAugust 27, 2021 by 4pmMB Tractor
B21-021 2021 Chevrolet Bolt LTClosedDPWAugust 27, 2021 by 4pmNo Bids 
B21-020 Walking Floor Trash TrailerClosedDPWAugust 27, 2021 by 4pmNot Awarded
B21-019 Two Chevy Silverados 2500 W/PlowClosedDPWAugust 27, 2021 by 4pmUnder Review
B21-018 Landfill Photovoltaic SystemClosedDPWSeptember 1, 2021 by 4pmUnder Review
Derry Public Library Attic HVAC Catwalks & Mezzanine Access

Closed - Not Awarded.


DPWAugust 4, 2021 by 4pm

Solid Roots Construction, LLC.

Exceeds Budget

B21-016 Municipal Solid Waste Disposal BidClosedDPWJuly 23, 2021 by 4pmCovanta Sustainable Solutions
B21-015 Dodge Ram Cargo VanClosedDPWJuly 2, 2021 by 2pmBonneville & Son
B21-014 FY 22 Heating Oil BidClosedDPWJune 11, 2021 by 4pmHilton Oil Co., Inc.
B21-013  Trenchless Sewer Pipeline RehabilitationClosedDPWMay 28, 2021 by 2pmGranite Inliner, LLC. Fairfield, ME
B21-012 July 4th Fireworks DisplayClosedDPWMay 21 2021 by 4pmAmerican Thunder Fireworks
Derry Police Department Authorized Uniform & EquipmentClosedDPDMay 21, 2021 by 5pmNeptune Uniform
B21-011 Genetec Security Center Camera UpgradeClosedDPWMay 21, 2021 by 4pmEye P Video
B21-010 Wastewater Treatment Plant DO/ORP Monitoring EquipmentClosedDPWMay 27, 2021 by 2pmYSI
B21-006 Sewer Manhole Frames and CoversClosedDPWMay 20, 2021 by 10amEJ Prescott
B21-005 Don Ball Park RoofClosedDPWApril 23, 2021 by 4pmDeFrancesco
B21-003  C & D Material Hauling and Processing 2021ClosedDPWApril 2, 2021 by 4pmReSource Waste Services
B21-002 Central Fire Station Overhead DoorsClosedDPWMarch 12, 2021 by 4pmOverhead Door Company of Manchester
B21-001 Derry Main Influent Sewer Pump StationClosedDPWFebruary 18 by 2pmGemini Electric, Inc.
B20-155 Household Hazardous Waste CollectionClosedDPWJanuary 20 by 3pmTradebe Environmental Services, LLC.
CDBG-CV Grant AdministrationOpenAdministrationDecember 28 by 4pm 
Professional Municipal Auditing ServicesClosedFinanceJanuary 29 at 3:00pmMelanson
B20-152 Engineering Services: West Running Brook Athletic FieldClosedDPWDue Dec 23 by 4pmActivitas
B20-112 Chevy Pickup Truck with PlowClosedDPWDue Oct 1 by 2pmLiberty Chevrolet
B20-153 Holiday Tree 2020ClosedDPWDue Sept 11 by 4pmLight Up The Night Production, LLC.
B20-151 Landing StripClosedDPWPostponed 
B20-149 Public Works Uniforms 2020ClosedDPWDue Sept 18 by 4pmUniFirst
Banking ServicesClosedFinanceSept 1 by 12pmCitizens Bank
Veterans Hall Roof Top UnitClosedDPWDue August 7 by 4pmSouthern NH Plumbing & Heating
Adams Memorial Building Chiller ProjectClosedDPWDue August 7 by 4pmAlliance Mechanical
Improvements to Hood Pond Dam & Rail TrailClosedDPWDue July 30 by 4pmAmerican Excavating Corp.
Derry Police Department Roof Top UnitClosedPoliceDue July 31 by 4pmSouthern NH Plumbing
B20-146 Catch Basin CleaningClosedDPWDue July 10 by 4pmTriton Storm Water
B20-145 Street SweepingClosedDPWDue July 10 by 4pmFB Hale, Inc.
B20-139 DPW Facility Video Surveillance



DPWPostponed Indefinitely 
B20-144 Football Field - Landing Strip ProjectClosedDPWDue June 19 by 4pmOn Hold
B20-140 Hood Park Sports Surface RepairsClosedDPWDue June 19 by 4pmVermont Tennis Court Surfacing
B20-141 Caulking & Sealing of Windows and Doors and Sealing of Exterior Brick Walls at the Derry Municipal CenterClosedDPWDue June 26 by 4pmResults
B20-138 July 4th Fireworks Display BidClosedDPWPOSTPONED 
Authorized Uniform & Equipment ListOpenPoliceDue May 22 by 5pm 
B20-137 Design-Build: Fire Station AdditionClosedDPWDue May 22 by 4pmNorthpoint Construction Management
Planning Board Outside Review Engineer FY2021-FY2022ClosedPlanningDue May 22 by 4pmVHB and Wright-Pierce
B20-136 FY 21 Heating Oil BidClosedDPWDue April 17 by 4pmBroco Oil
B20-135 Downtown Tree Removal - ReplacementClosedDPWDue March 27 by 4pmKenyon Lawn & Property Maintenance
B20-134 Derry Public Library HVAC Controls and Energy Management SystemClosedDPWDue March 13 by 4pmAlliance Group, Inc.
B20-133 Derry Public Library Chiller BidClosedDPWDue March 13 by 4pmThermo Dynamics, Inc.
B20-132 Generators at Derry Village BLS1 BLS 2ClosedDPWDue March 10 by 2pmGemini Electric
IT GIS 20-001  Aerial Photography/Planimetric Mapping UpdateOpenIT/GISDue February 28 by 2pm 
B20-122 Proposed Culvert Replacement, North Shore Road over Taylor BrookClosedDPWDue February 11 by 3pmAmerican Excavating Corp.
B20-121 Derry Municipal Center RTU ProjectClosedDPWDue February 7 by 4pmKPMB Enterprises
B20-120 Aggregated Natural Gas SupplyClosedDPWDue December 16 by 4pmSprague Energy
Professional Municipal Auditing ServicesOpenFinanceDue January 24 by 3pm 
Police Cruiser Equipment Purchase RFP 2019OpenPoliceDue December 6 by 3pm 
B20-119 For Sale 2009 Trane Gas/Electric Roof Top UnitClosedDPWDue November 22 by 4pm 
B20-118 For Sale 1997 Generac GeneratorClosedDPWDue November 22 by 4pm 
B20-117 For Sale 1998 Olympian GeneratorClosedDPWDue November 22 by 4pm 
Police Vehicle PurchaseOpenPoliceDue November 15 by 3pm 
B20-115 Trash Hauling ContractClosedDPWDue November 27 by 4pmWayne Hamel Waste Hauling, LLC.
B19-134 Fire Alarm System UpgradeClosedDPWDue November 21 by 2pm 
B20-114   Downtown Tree Removal - ReplacementClosedDPWDue September 20 by 4pm 
B20-113   Access Control RFPClosedDPWDue September 27 by 2pmMercier Electric & Communications, Inc.
B20-112   Silverado 2500 Bid FY 2020ClosedDPWDue September 6 by 4pmNot Awarded 
B20-111   Exmark Mowers BidClosedDPWDue August 30 by 4pm 
B20-110   Aggregated Electricity SupplyClosedDPWDue September 18 by 4pmStandard Power

B20-109   FY 20 Heating Oil Bid

ClosedDPWDue August 9 by 4pmHilton Oil Co., Inc.

B20-108  Transfer Station Scalehouse Design Build

ClosedDPWDue August 9 by 4pmNot Awarded

B20-107  Transfer Station Truck Scale Replacement - Addendum #1


Due August 9 by 4pm

Advanced Scale
B20-106  Derry Public Library Boiler ReplacementClosedDPWDue August 2 by 4pmAlliance Group, Inc.
B20-105 - Southern NH Regional Water Project Contract D1ClosedDPWDue July 25 by 2 pm 
B20-104 - Snow & Ice Equip RFPClosedDPWDue  June 28 by 2 pmHP Fairfield

B20-103 - Manpower & Equipment RFP

ClosedDPWDue June 14 by 4 pmResults
B20-102 - Downtown Trash RemovalClosedDPWDue June 14 by 4 pmStateline Waste Management
B20-101 - Catch Basin Cleaning ClosedDPWDue June 20 by 11 amTriton Storm Water
B20-100 - SweepingClosedDPWDue June 20 by 10 am

FB Hale, Inc.

B19-133 - Police RTU ReplacementClosedDPWDue June 14 by 2 pmSouthern NH Plg & Hgt
B19-132 - Generator ReplacementClosedDPWDue June 7, by 4 pmPowers Generator Service
B19-131 - DMC Lighting (Fixtures & Bulbs)ClosedDPWDue June 4 by 4 pmConsolidated Electrical Distributors
B19-130 - FireworksClosedDPWDue May 10 by 4 pmAmerican Thunder
B19-129 - CWS Tank Inspection & CleaningClosedDPWDue May 14 by 2pmMass Tank
B19-128 - Overhead Doors & Openers (7) - WWTPClosedDPWDue May 9 by 2pmOverhead Door
B19-127 - Meadowbrook - Well DecommissionClosedDPWDue April 18 by 2pmSkillings & Sons
B19-126 - Adams Memorial Bldg-Boiler ReplacementClosedDPWDue May 17 by 4 pmGlenn Hampoian
B19-125  - 19 Elm St RedevelopmentClosedAdminDue June 1 by 4 pm 
B19-124 - North Shore Rd Bridge over Beaver Lake OutletClosedDPWDue Apr 2 by 3pmHansen Bridge
B19-123 - Photovoltaic SystemClosedDPWDue May 7 by 4 pm 
ASR 19-001 - Assessing Update & Cycled Inspections; Reassessment; Assessor DutiesClosedFinanceDue Mar 21 by 2pmWhitney Consulting Group LLC
B19-122 - Hood Pond Dam & Rail TrailClosedDPWDue Mar 12 by NoonRejected-Over Budget
B19-121 - Blower VFDClosedDPWDue Feb 22 by 3 pmEII Corp
B19-120 - HHWD CollectionClosedDPWDue Mar 1 by 3 pmMXI Inc
B19-119 - Emergency Generator - Hampstead Road FireClosedDPWDue Jan 25 by 4pmGemini Electric
B19-118 - Chemical Root ControlClosedDPWDue January 25 by 4pmDuke's Root Control
B19-116 - New Garage FoundationClosedDPWDue Sept 11 by 2pmCellar Dweller Constr.
B19-115 - Chevy Pickup Trucks (5)ClosedDPWDue Aug 24 by 4pmQuirk Chevrolet
B19-114 - Wheeled Loader (Hwy)ClosedDPWDue Aug 10 by 4pmSouthworth Milton
B19-113 - Sale of Turbo Air RefrigClosedFireDue July 20 by 4pmNO BIDS
B19-112 - Sale of American RangeClosedFireDue July 20 by 4pmNO BIDS
B19-111 - Dodge Rams Trucks (2)ClosedDPWDue Aug 3 by 4pmNo BIDS
B19-110 - Walking Floor Trash TrailerClosedDPWDue Aug 3 by 4pmWarren Equipment
B19-109 - Assessories for Ram 5500ClosedDPWDue Aug 3 by 2pmHP Fairfield
B19-108 - CDBG - Abbott CtClosedAdminDue July 20 by 4pmDonna Lane
B19-107 - Town of Derry Master Plan UpdateClosedPlanningDue June 29 by 4 pmCommunity Circle

B19-106 - Manpower & Equip Quote

ClosedDPWDue June 1 by 4 pmResults
B19-105 - Downtown Trash RemovalClosedDPWDue June 8 by 4 pmState Line Waste
B19-104 - Catch Basin CleaningClosedDPWDue June 14 by 11 amTriton Storm Water
B19-103 - Striping Pavement MarkingClosedDPWDue June 28 by 11 amHi-Way Safety
B19-102 - Street SweepingClosedDPWDue June 7 by 10 amFB Hale
B19-100 - Oil Heating Deliveries ClosedDPWDue Aug 17 by 4pmEastern Oil



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