Transfer Station

Please note: the Transfer Station is closed every Sunday & Monday.  

Only household trash from Derry residents is accepted.  Under no circumstance is household trash accepted from other communities.  If you do not have a Transfer Station in your town, you will need to pay for private curbside trash pickup.  Non-Derry residents may only bring items that they pay to dispose of such as C & D, mattresses, couches, etc., or scrap metal.  


To provide an effective and efficient way of handling the recycling and waste management needs of the Town in compliance with Federal, State and local laws. The Transfer Station operations will continue collection of household hazardous and yard wastes. The division will strive to find the most cost effective markets for recyclable goods and to assist the community through education to be as environmental friendly as possible.

Derry is a Recycling Community. Please Recycle.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mike Fowler PE Director of Public Works
Randyll Borelli Transfer Station Crew Chief