Fee Schedule

The Derry Town Council has approved  fees at the Town’s Transfer Station effective July 1, 2017.  The Town will charge residents for disposal of larger more difficult to handle items and these include:

Air Conditioners - charge to remove freon 

$10.00 each

Chairs (Stuffed) less than 6 feet$5.00 each
Couches less than 6 feet$5.00 each

Construction & Demolition Debris **


Painted or Treated Furniture *

$ .09 per pound (Residents)


$ .11 per pound (Non-Residents) ***

Box Springs/Mattresses Derry residents only effective April 15, 2022$5.00 each per box spring.  $5.00 each per mattress.  Effective July 1, 2022 the mattress disposal fee is $35.00 per mattress.  
Refrigerators$10.00 each
Televisions/Computer Monitors up to 25"$15.00 each (Eff. 7/16/09)
Televisions/Computer Monitors 26" or larger$25.00 each (Eff. 7/16/09)
Tires Each valid Derry car registration entitles residents, at no charge, to dispose of up to four car tires (must be off the rim).   Additional tires may be dumped for a nominal fee of $3 for each additional four tires.  
Tires Other$2 per motorcycle tire, $5 per big truck tire such as a dump truck.

Only household trash from Derry residents is accepted.  Under no circumstance is household trash accepted from other communities.  If you do not have a Transfer Station in your town, you will need to pay for private curbside trash pickup.  Non-Derry residents may only bring items that they pay to dispose of such as C & D and scrap metal.  

* Painted or treated desks, bookcases, shelves, etc.
** Wood waste treated or untreated, shingles, sheetrock, logs greater than 5” diameter, insulations, plywood, chipboard, building materials and rubble.
*** The Town of Derry is now accepting Construction & Demolition from area Towns - please see Scale House Attendant for details.

Residents may pay with CASH or CHECK when disposing of these items.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit card payments are also accepted.  Please note: fees will apply for credit card transactions which are 2.79% with a minimum fee of $1.50 per transaction. 

A separate area with signs will direct residents to the proper location to pay for disposal and drop off.

The new fee structure for disposal of these items is similar to other New Hampshire Communities.  These new revenues will help to offset solid waste costs, which ultimately may reduce the impact of solid waste disposal on your tax bill.

The Public Works Department asks that all residents who utilize the Transfer Station be patient when disposing of these items as some traffic backups may occur.
Thank you.