Be a part of the action!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a television production crew?
Get in on the behind-the-scenes action with DTV
Get in on the behind-the-scenes action with DTV

- March 18, 2016

Well, this could be your chance to find out if the exciting "behind the scenes" world of TVP is for you! We are on a quest to find volunteer producers to come on board during special events around town like Memorial Day Ceremonies, DerryFest, local sport events and so much more! There is so much that needs to happen to bring great programming to our viewers that there is sure to be a place on the team for your skills and interests.

What's that you say? "I would love to but I don't know the first thing about video production or broadcasting." Not to worry. We have some great FREE training available – so don't hesitate!

Send us an email by CLICKING HERE.