Broadview Farm Community Garden

Broadview Farm Community Garden

The Community Garden is located at Broadview Farm Conservation Area, along Young Road in East Derry.

Plots are available for Derry Residents, on a first come-first served basis. All plots are reassigned each year. A gardener can request up to two (2) plots.

There are also two raised beds for gardeners with mobility issues.

Requests are considered starting April 1st of the current year. Please do not submit a request before that time. Specific plots can be reserved if available, but are not guaranteed. Plots measure approximately 10’X20’, or 200 square feet. There is a well with a hand pump nearby. The water is not to be used for drinking.

To reserve use one of the following methods:

Please observe the following rules and guidelines:

  • While the garden is not “Certified Organic,” organic or sustainable products and practices are highly encouraged, in particular for weed and pest control
  • Fences are strongly recommended. This is a natural area, and there are many nuisance animals
  • Start cultivating your plot within 10 days of the announced opening of the planting season, after the garden has been tilled. If you do not do so, and have not contacted us, your plot will be assigned to someone else
  • Perennial plants (e.g. asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries) are not recommended as the garden is tilled each year
  • Keep weeds under control, and otherwise keep your plot tended over the season. If you have to cease gardening for any reason, notify us right away
  • Keep rocks out of the paths so that they may be mowed without hazard. There are numerous rockpiles on the perimeter of the garden
  • Remove and take away all fencing, plastic mulch, and any other foreign material by December 1st.