3. Marriage License

If you plan on getting married in New Hampshire, you may apply at any Town or City Clerk's office in the State. The license is valid in any New Hampshire city or town only.

Both parties need to be present 1 hour before the Town Clerk's office closes for the day. Typically this will be 3PM.

The application worksheet and the license must be completed in person and signed by both parties.

Both parties need to be present and should be prepared to provide the following information (Any documents not in English will require a certified translation to be acceptable).

Additional Documents Required:  

  • A driver's license or non driver's ID or passport 
  • A certified long form birth certificate
    • We will NOT accept the following in place of a certified long form birth certificate:
      • a passport
      • a birth certificate card
  • A certified death certificate of spouse, a certified final divorce decree, civil union dissolution, or a certified annulment decree (if necessary)

Fee: $50.00

The license is valid upon issuance for up to 90 days. After your marriage, a certified copy may be obtained for a fee of $15.00.