Don Ball Park

picture of splashpad
Location: 14 Humphrey Road off By Pass 28
Phone: main office number (603) 432-6136

Facility Includes: Two practice fields, a game only field, softball diamond, baseball diamond, the Town's largest playground, Derry's Splashpad, concession area, the Parks Maintenance Department
Don Ball Park is located on Humphrey Road off By Pass 28. The numerous athletic fields located at this park include two practice fields, a game only field, a softball field, and baseball diamond. This is the Town's most active park, being utilized by many private athletic leagues including the Derry Soccer Club, Derry Little League, Derry Demons, Wolverine's Football, and Derry Youth Lacrosse.
This is also home to our largest playground and splash pad!  There is equipment for children of all ages including various slides, swings, gliders, and stations. The concession stand is open seasonally (May through August) and for special events and programs. Smaller bills and change are greatly appreciated for concession stand purchases. Check with the on-site supervisor that day when making purchases with larger bills. Check with the Parks & Recreation Department for Concession hours.
The Town's Parks maintenance department is also located on site, making it cost effective and pragmatic for the Department to maintain the ball fields and playground apparatus.